Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Tonight, I have decided not to write about a particular store or particular item, but the simple bliss that nature can provide for us.  Sometimes, it is but the smallest thing that catches our attention, a small shadow, a leaf floating down easily from a tree, the smell of flowers fresh from the garden.  Nature's bliss is all around us and sometimes, we fail to notice these small but precious gifts.

As I was tending the farm today, I realized how blessed I am.  I am surrounded by the most precious animals, who give me their unconditional love, a beautiful piece of land with rolling green pastures, lovely old oak trees that provide coolness in the heat of day and gorgeous Peacocks that free roam the farm.  Remarkable things, extraordinary things, simple things.

As I prepared to come in for the evening, I glanced across the pasture, steam began rising from the freshly cut grass; the smell of which permeated the air.  Sweet, so very sweet.  I saw a strange silhouette across that pasture, and no matter the struggle, I could not make out what that odd shape was.  I turned around and moved quietly toward the black wood railing, silent, not sure what I was to come upon.  The nearer I moved toward it, the stranger it looked, as the darkness was falling quickly and my vision becoming less and less.

I slipped by a fence post and continued out into the pasture, getting ever closer.  Then, I stopped dead in my tracks, tears came to my eyes and continued down my face as I took in a sight that was so new, so touching. A brand new fawn, with little white dots lay curled at my mare's feet.  Maya was so very interested and looked mostly confused.  She would lean down and sniff the fawn and nuzzle it softly, she too was taking in the smells of nature's bliss.

I watched for what seemed all eternity, never moving from the place where the earth seemed to suction my feet to the ground.  It was such an incredible sight, a mare showing kindness, nurturing, nuzzling, smelling, licking a brand new fawn.  I was overcome with joy and bliss!  Then, I started to worry; where was the mother deer, why had she left her fawn in the deep pasture grass clippings?  Had the fawn been abandoned, was it sick?  And then, as nature often does, I was surprised again.  Maya gently backed away, leaving the darling baby where it lay.  From the corner of the pasture, a gorgeous doe emerged from the woodline, skipping toward the fawn.  She took Maya's place, nuzzling, licking and nurturing her new baby.  Ah, the little one was safe again.

Maya had watched over the new fawn, protecting her from all evil that lurks about in the dusk of night, while the doe attended to another obligation.  I watched in amazement as the doe and Maya exchanged glances, as if to say "Thank You" and "You're Welcome".  They parted ways and both knew that all was well in the world.

As for me, I was and am still, in complete and total awe; feeling pure amazement at what had transpired in front of my very eyes.  Nature provided me with a few moments of pure Bliss, Nature's Simple Bliss....

Here is wishing you and your family La Vie En Bonheur!

Maya and Me

Dixie and Little Bit

Traveller and Me the Day she was Born



  1. Blessed indeed! How many are fortunate enough to behold such a sweet interaction between two very different species. Why can't people be like that? I loved this! Thank you for sharing!

  2. What a gorgeous story! You remind me of my mom on her farm -- a compliment indeed :) This is so beautiful a situtation and you are such a wonderful writer. I enjoyed this SO much!!

  3. I forgot to tell you how wonderful all your pets are and how beautiful your farm is!! I loved seeing Traveller as a baby and then all grown up. Plus, putting a face to your name is GREAT!

  4. Wow, first of all I am such a mush. I am crying right now. You, my dear, write beautifully. And what a wonderful story. Loved seeing you there astride that gorgeous animal. Then I saw Traveller. She is so pretty, and was so cute as a baby too. I was going to ask if you had her since she was born, and I went back and saw that in the picture she was only a day old. Wow. How wonderful that is. Your dogs and kitty are so cute too.
    Thank you so much for telling this story.

  5. wow! that was so moving!!! what an amazing story!